Liklee is India's leading online ethnic wear fashion house, living up to the meaning of its Casual Name, 'Too Good' through its curated collections.

Founded in 2018, Liklee has earned a distinguished name in the industry to become one of the most trusted ethnic fashion brands in the country. Inspired by indigenous fashion traditions, traditional techniques and cultural heritage, every design at Liklee strikes a perfect equilibrium between ethnic sensibilities and contemporary aesthetics.

How to Made?

All our collections are brought to life by a vast team of experienced artisans who have mastered their craft for generations.

Premium fabrics
We use premium quality, durable and skin-friendly fabrics that feel comfortable and give a luxurious look.

Chic silhouettes
Every ensemble is designed to celebrate the paradox of traditional and modern, ethnic and contemporary aesthetics.

Focus on Sustainibility
Sustainability is an innate part of our overall design ethos and we are undertaking mindful steps towards wastage reduction and conscious consumption.

Our Vision

Liklee aspires to become one of the most preferred ethnic wear brands for the modern Indian woman. We aim to be synonymous with quality, style, and contemporary fashion that still honors traditional Indian artistry.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to offering highly fashionable products of the best quality at competitive prices. Our mission extends to reaching fashion enthusiasts across the globe through both retail and e-commerce platforms. By blending quality craftsmanship with modern design and affordability, we strive to cater to the diverse fashion needs of women worldwide.

Liklee for Women

Our target customer is the modern woman who views fashion as a means of bold self-expression. She is unique, adventurous, and confident, embodying the spirit of contemporary times while staying connected to her roots. She is fashion-forward and appreciates trends that go beyond the usual, suitable for women aged 18 to 35 with a youthful spirit.